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Vegan Natural Ingredient Philosophy

Our b-good care Standards
Vegan & Natural Ingredient Care Philosophy
Ethical and Effective Formulas
Natural and Sensitive Ingredients
Efficient and High Performance
Powerful and Conscious Activation
Keep it Clean & Natural

Our b-good care journey, which we have embarked upon with Çapa Medikal and b-good's 35 years of health expertise, continues without comprimising from natural ingredient principles from day one.

This is our most precious journey, which we have always dreamt of producing high-performance, impactful care line based on reliable and effective formulas driven by plant-based, vegan ingredients

We have never looked back since then, nor lapsed the discovery and our search of reliable and high quality raw materials to take care of skin care needs of our babies, kids, mothers, and the whole family. Our search for the power of the good, the better yet effective still remain.

It is our duty to continue developing every single one of our products by continuing our search for the best and impactful ingredients.

We are discovering natural ingredient based conscious care together!

Parenthood is like a roller coaster; one that is inexplicably exciting, mysterious, adventurous, yet wildly fun with ups and downs along the way…

Us, b-good care family, we acknowledge that this is our mutual journey, where we grow together as one.

In this process, where our babies and children are growing so fast and that their needs change so instantly, we try to listen to their skin and body needs, evaluate and take action with full commitment - move forward with the intention that we can do better every single day. It is our responsibility to develop formulas that will respond effectively to the basic care needs of the whole family and all skin types. We do not compromise on our quality ingredient standard, which aims to increase the strength of our b-good care philosophy.

We are Free From

b-good care products are formulated free from substances that could be potentially irritant, cause allergies or reactions on skin such as petroleum derivatives like paraben and paraffin, sulfates like SLS & SLES, silicone, alcohol, colorants, essences / perfumes, phthalates, gluten and mineral oils.

We have carefully designed transparent yet impactful formulas that deliver real results. Every single ingredient that goes into our formulas has a functional purpose aligned with b-good care’s core philosophy.

b-good care natural ingredient philosophy * b-good care natural ingredient philosophy *
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Free From
We are Free From: Paraben, Paraffin, Colorant, Alcohol, Silicone, SLS & SLES, Essence/Perfume, Phthalate, Gluten, Mineral Oils, GMO, and Animal Origin ingredients.
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What are we naturally made of?
b-encapsulation technologyTM : Patent-pending active ingredient with black elderberry extract
Power of the natural | extracts from plant saps, natural oils.
High quality ingredients from trusted suppliers
Unique formulas designed with vegan, impactul active ingredients

Impactful formulas for the
whole family!

Our products are developed based on the results of R&D studies in the international quality laboratories with the latest technology and highest hygiene standards.
From our trusted labs to your homes.

how do we achieve this?

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Safety Tests of
Our Products
Preservative Efficacy (Challenge) Tests
During the shelf life of a product, its microbial load must be within certain limits. For this reason, preservatives at safe rates are used to ensure the microbial safety of the products. The preservative effectiveness tests, a.k.a. Challenge tests, assess the antimicrobial activity of preservatives, whether the antimicrobial activity is maintained during use and shelf life of the product, and the protection of the product formulation against microbial effects.
Stability Tests
In general, they are the tests made to determine/verify the shelf life of the product. In stability tests, it is expected that there will be no deterioration in the physicochemical structure of the product and that it will be suitable from a microbiological point of view. Stability tests are performed both by keeping the product within its normal shelf life, and by changing different climatic and environmental conditions. In broader terms, it is a type of analysis to determine that a cosmetic product, when stored under appropriate conditions, performs its initial functions and maintains its reliability. The parameters to be considered in the stability test are determined according to the product, packaging, storage, shipment, presentation and consumption characteristics.
Dermatological Tests (Patch Test)
In accordance with the ethical principles for medical research, it is a test performed on voluntary people to assess the potential negative effects that a cosmetic product may have on the skin. All products in the b-good care family have been dermatologically tested and approved for sensitive skin.
IFRA Tests (Synthetic Fragrance-Free Tests)
IFRA (International Fragrance Association), ie. International Essence Association certificate is also known as ‘Essence Conformity’ certificate. This document confirms the compliance of the odoriferous substances used in the product with international norms. Fragrance molecules and essential oils used in aromatic oils, aromatic soaps and other natural products are included in the IFRA category. The fact that the products comply with IFRA standards, which have been revealed through extensive research and examination, shows that they are safe in terms of health. None of our b-good care products contain synthetic fragrances, essences or perfumes. The natural scent of our products is determined by the combination of natural components and natural oils’ own scents. All formulas of b-good care are “natural smelling formulas”, exclusively and uniquely representative its own nature – true to self.
Tear-Free Tests
No tears! Babies and children may be more sensitive and responsive to some ingredients and substances. For the perfect bathing experience of our babies and kids, we have uniquely prepared our shampoos with special combinations and gentle tear-free formulas that does not burn their eyes. Our “Newborn Foam Shampoo” and “Baby & Kids Hair and Body Wash” have been tested in an independent and accredited institution, and both are proved to cause “no tears” – cheers! You may safely enjoy the sweetest moments in the bath with your littlest loved ones!
Claim / Free From Tests
We have strictly and meticulously completed all of the required “free-from tests” of our entire products at reliable and accredited laboratories. For more information, check out our “free-from” list within the b-good care ingredient philosophy section presented above.
Allergen / Hypoallergenic Tests
Hypoallergenic means it claims to cause fewer allergic reactions. Products that are specially developed to minimize allergic reactions and are free from allergen substances as much as possible are called hypoallergenic. This testing covers to determine if the skin and body has an allergic reaction to a recognized or unrecognized substance. All b-good care products are tested for potential allergen ingredients and are “hypoallergenic” – free from most of the common allergens.